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Pope saints John and John PaulThe historic canonization ceremony held in Rome on Sunday, April 27 and where Pope Francis canonized our two Popes, namely Pope John Paul I and Pope John XXIII into Saints, had quite a link with our beloved Maurice Michael Cardinal Otunga and the entire Catholic fraternity in the country.

On one front, the historic event happened when the beatification process on the life of cardinal Otunga is currently being carried out.

Infant the First Phase of the process, otherwise referred to as the Diocesan Phase is already complete and its Report sent to Rome.

This among other things will pave way for the Second Phase of the process otherwise referred to as the Roman Phase.

According to the Vice Postulator of the Process, Brother Reginald Crux, the Report was completed in September last year and then sent to Rome in December the same year.

The other link is that in the years of 1980, 1985 and 1995, Cardinal Otunga hosted the now Saint John Paul II during his historic pastoral visit to Africa.

Both the 1985 and 1995 were quite significant is a way that the Holy Father attended the 43rd International Eucharistic Congress (1985) and presented the report of the African Synod (1995), held in Rome in the previous year, 1994 respectively.

Earlier the Holy Father had chosen Kenya has one of the countries, through which he planned to present the Synod Report to the Church in Africa.

And on the same day, Pope Francis was canonizing the two Popes into Saints-Sunday, April 27, the Pope John Paul II Parish Evangelizing Teams (JPII) was marking its 20th anniversary since its foundation in Kenya.

Both the officials and the members of the Teams had converged at the Marknoll Society House, Nairobi to watch “live” the canonization process as we’ll as hearing talks on the life of the now Saint John Paul II , the Teams patron and also the history of JPII in Kenya.

During the grand occasion, the members of the teams cut the came and toasted in memory of the life of their patron, the now Saint John Paul II.

In his address, the Teams Spiritual Advisor, Father Richard Quinn, MM said, “It’s great that this has happened during our life-the canonization into Sainthood of our patron. Let’s pray hard that the canonization of our beloved Cardinal Otunga will also happen during our life time.”

Report by Francis Njuguna